Who Is CorrHealth?

After two-decades of successfully establishing, leading and growing other correctional healthcare organizations whose private-equity ownership concentrated on maximizing profit-margins over ensuring quality of care and supporting their teams, we realized there was a much better way. We knew our on-site teams and the Counties which we proudly served deserved much better, and we knew we could make a genuine and lasting difference, therefore we followed through with our passion and vision and established CorrHealth.
CorrHealth is proud to be privately-held, which means we are not owned, controlled nor, do we have interference from any private-equity investor firm, bank, board of directors, share-holders and/or any lenders, as other providers who are attempting to become a larger corporate player. Being privately-held benefits our teams and county-partners by empowering them with enhanced controls and the ability to work directly with CorrHealth’s ownership and decision makers in lieu of large, out-of-touch corporate providers who attempt to manage their teams and sites from California, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Kansas or other distant states. Being privately-held and locally based allows us to make immediate decisions without going through multiple tiers of representatives, frustrating bureaucratic processes, and drawn out timelines for corporate to make the simplest of decisions. We provide our teams and county-partners with transparency, open lines of communication, hands-on service and support and the critical details which they need and deserve.  Our stability assures our teams and our partner-counties that they are safe with CorrHealth and they don’t have to worry about drastic changes, stock performance and/or private equity demands for higher profit. Our unique and unrivaled approach increases the standard of inmate patient care decreasing risks and liabilities, while working within the County’s budgetary guidelines and it also provides peace of mind.
We founded CorrHealth specifically to partner with Counties in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and other states throughout the Southwest and provide them, and our teams with a fresh, honest and hands-on solution to their comprehensive inmate medical, mental, ancillary and community healthcare programs and services. We have the tenure, we’ve earned the trust and credibility and we have the experience to successfully recruit professional healthcare leadership and teams, transition, manage and support our teams and deliver correctional based inmate healthcare programs and services in County detention facilities with daily populations as small as 20 and as large as 3,000. Unlike other providers who focus exclusively on prisons and large jails nationwide, we’re focused on serving and partnering closely with Counties and jails of various size and scope in a focused region and developing strong, trusted and long-term partnerships. Since launching CorrHealth, we have earned a respected reputation for providing Counties with true-transparency, open lines  of communication and the critical details which are not being provided by other providers.

We are passionate about our business, we have the integrity to be fully transparent and we are committed to always “Do Right” by or teams, our inmate patients, county-partners, and in the communities, we proudly serve. That is who we are, that is what we do; and that won’t be changing. 

Please carefully review our Testimonials and References to learn how CorrHealth is a different kind of employer and provider-partner and why passionate healthcare professionals and County agencies of various size and scope trust CorrHealth.   


CorrHealth Provides Peace Of Mind

There are numerous inmate healthcare providers throughout the industry who provide services to prisons and County jails throughout the nation, but few are privately-held, none provide complete and unfiltered transparency into their financials, their operations and business practices, and even fewer are focused on serving County detention facilities of various size and scope throughout the Southwest. CorrHealth is proud to be that provider.

CorrHealth is comprised of a team of passionate industry professionals who have the tenure and the credibility to serve our teams, our partner-counties and the communities we serve with integrity, true-transparency and an unrivaled partnership experience. Through CorrHealth, our teams and partner-counties appreciate the fact that we are locally based, we know them, we genuinely understand them, and we get it. They know we believe in maintaining open lines of communication, we are hands-on, and they have confidence in knowing we are always here for them. We know these qualities enable trust and gives our team-members and partner-counties peace of mind.

For Our Team-Members, peace of mind is the result when passionate and committed healthcare professionals know their employer genuinely cares for them, values and invests in them and their career. Healthcare professionals want to know their employer and leadership are actively engaged and hands-on to ensure their success. Employees want to know their career is stable, safe, and secure and there are genuine opportunities for advancement and upward mobility within the organization. At CorrHealth, our people and teams are the heartbeat of our business which is why we are a destination workplace and a great place to advance their careers. Having a local presence provides our teams with peace of mind knowing we are here for them, we listen and hear them, their needs will be addressed promptly and we sincerely care.

For Our Partner-Counties, peace of mind results when they are empowered with unfiltered insight, enhanced controls and the ability to work directly with their provider’s ownership and decision makers. Knowing your provider-partner is experienced and has years of success with your state’s and national detention standards, as well as community-based standards. Inmate healthcare programs and services are some of the most critical items included in a County’s annual budget and healthcare costs increase annually. Peace of mind is knowing that your inmate health provider delivers complete and unfiltered transparency, into the true costs of operating your programs and services to including their profit margins. CorrHealth is the only provider that ensures transparency into our financial and operational models, insight into our business practices, and all aspects of our partnership.

Peace of mind is knowing your provider-partner is proactive and committed to avoiding issues before they occur. locally based and never far away and committed to avoiding issues before they occur.  and committed to recruiting and supporting intelligent and impressive team of locally based healthcare professionals to prevent issues from reoccurring.

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CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
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