Advancing the Standard of Care in Midland County

January 15, 2021 by CorrHealth

CorrHealth is excited to announce their new partnership with Midland County where they provide comprehensive inmate medical, mental, and ancillary healthcare programs and services to the inmates incarcerated in the County’s 509-bed Central Detention Center and for the county’s juveniles, which are held in the 24-bed, Barbara Culver Juvenile Justice Center. Midland County sought competitive proposals from experienced correctional healthcare providers to increase the quality of care provided to their adult and juvenile detainees. In addition, the county was seeking to maximize on-site services and minimize off-site transports, mitigate the county’s risks and liabilities, and decrease and stabilize the county’s overall costs.

The healthcare industry is naturally challenging, but COVID-19 has exacerbated skilled nursing in Midland County, throughout Texas, and around the world. With this fact and with an attempt to maintain employment, CorrHealth made retaining many of the former provider’s medical team a priority and they supported this mission by offering competitive salaries, a robust and industry-leading benefits package, on-going training opportunities, and providing the healthcare team with additional medical tools, equipment, and the resources necessary to deliver a high standard of care, In addition to retaining many of the existing team members, CorrHealth added six (6) new full-time healthcare team-members to the program.

“CorrHealth has earned a strong reputation of excellence, integrity, and professionalism. They are known for their exceptional training and creating a true partnership where their medical teams feel valued, supported, and heard,” said Jon Nichols, Lieutenant of Detention Services at the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.” He went on to say, “Transitions are always nerve-racking events, but CorrHealth immediately set our anxiety at ease by communicating completely and providing us with a thorough transition plan, detailing every step of the process to include what we could expect with their communication, coordination, and work with our previous provider. CorrHealth’s ownership, leadership, and a full transition team were on-site at the facility several days before the transition to begin a 3-day series of hands-on orientation and training sessions. Several members of their ownership, leadership, and training team were here around the clock for weeks after the transition to ensure their new team was well-trained, confident, and ready to operate on their own. Without a doubt, CorrHealth is doing it right and they’ve proactively taken the right measures to ensure our partnership is a success. We’re highly impressed with them and it’s clear we made the right decision by choosing CorrHealth.”

CorrHealth has earned a strong reputation of excellence, integrity, and professionalism. They are known for their exceptional training and creating a true partnership where their medical teams feel valued, supported, and heard.

The electronic medical records system was another service that was critical to Midland County. Upon the transition, CorrHealth successfully transitioned from the county’s previous paper-based medical records process and implemented a correctional-based electronic medical records (EMR) system to ensure concise and consistent records while maintaining the county’s inmates’ records are always preserved, protected, and accessible. The new EMR system will also increase efficiencies and decrease the potential for medical mistakes and negative outcomes while decreasing costs and mitigating the county’s risks and liabilities.

Furthermore, there was a difference in service realized by the county immediately on the night of the transition. CorrHealth emphasized the utilization of on-site equipment such as the electrocardiogram (EKG) which allowed the healthcare team to assess and safely determine that three (3) inmates did not need to be transported to an off-site hospital and could, instead, receive quality healthcare at the detention center from medical professionals.

“Reducing needless off-site transports was a focal point for the county and the fact that we prevented three (3) transports in our first 12-hours, which resulted in approximately $15,000 in taxpayer savings, was big,” said Todd Murphy, CorrHealth’s Co-Founder and President. “By implementing an EKG on-site at the detention center, CorrHealth reduced the number of unnecessary medical-related off-site transports, which mitigated the county’s risk and liabilities and decreased the county’s overall costs.”

This year, there has been a focus on several healthcare concerns such as COVID-19 and mental health in both of Midland County’s Detention Centers, just as it has been around the globe.

Benny Matlock, Chief Deputy of the Midland County Sheriff’s Office said, “Mental health, COVID-19, and infectious disease are adversaries in any jail setting. However, the minute a person walks through our doors, the liability comes on us to provide the best care for them that we can. CorrHealth knows what they’re doing, and I appreciate how they’ve stepped in to provide us with the highest standard of care which our inmates and juvenile detainees need and deserve. I foresee a bright future for Midland County with CorrHealth.”

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.