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CorrHealth provides comprehensive medical and mental healthcare for nearly 10,000 adults and juvenile patients within 17 detention facilities per day across Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. With a passion for making an impact in each of the counties we proudly serve, Corrhealth’s dedicated, compassionate teams are trained to implement the highest standards in medical, behavioral, ancillary, and community-based programs and services. As the only provider who provides unfiltered transparency into financial and operational models, our business practices, and in all aspects of our partnership, CorrHealth is a proactive partner who seeks to reduce costs and mitigate looming risks & liabilities for our county-partners by prioritizing on-site care, only transporting inmate patients off-site when it is necessary. At CorrHealth, we endeavor toward work that drives innovation and generates results to enrich and change lives.



Advancing the standard of healthcare.

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Seeking a higher standard for quality care and a need to decrease and stabilize overall costs by maximizing on-site services, minimizing off-site transports so that risk and liability was mitigated, Midland County began a three- year partnership with CorrHealth in 2020. Midland County and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office operates the Central Detention Center which is a safe and secure detention facility with a…

CorrHealth knows what they’re doing, and I appreciate how they’ve stepped in to provide us with the highest standard of care which our inmates and juvenile detainees need and deserve.

Benny Matlock, Chief Deputy, Midland County Sheriff’s Office


CorrHealth’s continuing partnership.

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As one of the nation’s fastest-growing counties, CorrHealth recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with Comal County as it moved into a state-of-the-art new facility. Comal County’s new Jail has a state rated capacity of 582 beds and was designed and constructed to address the county’s growing population and allowed CorrHealth’s team to expand which included the addition of a full-time Physician’s Assistant (PA), 24/7 Registered Nurses (RN), and a…

CorrHealth is passionate about finding the right people for us, providing them with hands-on support, continuous professional development, and corrections’ specific training opportunities for their healthcare team, as well as ours.

Adrian Delgado, Comal County


Albany County anniversary.

Our county partners say it best when they speak to our passion, our integrity and values, our investment in our teams, and our commitment to always “Do Right.” They also affirm why they chose us, why our team-members love working for us and why our inmate-patients trust us. All of our county partners are enthusiastic references and speak to…

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Encouraging teams in Eddy County.

As a community that had always been self-operated, Eddy County began considering contracting with an outside provider to support their medical director services and avoid increases in litigation and threats of suit being experienced in the State of New Mexico and to raise the standard of care for their inmate patients and…

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Supporting Garfield County.

CorrHealth is excited to announce their newest partnership with Garfield County Colorado. As of July 1, 2023, we will be providing comprehensive medical, mental, and ancillary healthcare programs and services to the inmate-patients inside the County’s 204 bed (ADP of 95) facility…

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A state-of-the-art mental health care program.

In her first term in office, Sheriff Zena Stephens made a commitment to the Jefferson County community that she would increase the quality of care and raise the standard in mental health coverage for their inmate population. In 2018, the county became CorrHealth’s first site located in Texas. Recently, the Jefferson County Commissioners court voted unanimously for the long-term renewal of the contract…

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Reducing costs in through trusted partnership.

Laramie County was seeking a trusted healthcare provider who would decrease risk & liability by maximizing on-site services and reducing costly off-site transports. CorrHealth listened to their needs and supported their teams to build programs to address their concerns with a close, responsive partnership built on trust…

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Larimer County benefits with new partner, CorrHealth.

CorrHealth marks the beginning of a new partnership with the Larimer County Jail providing comprehensive healthcare and mental health services for their inmate population. The successful transition began August 27 and was completed by the contracted start date, September 1, 2022.

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Uncompromised standard of care in Luna County.

Due to Luna County’s remote location, their limited financial resources, and the competition from area hospitals and other healthcare providers, recruiting and retaining qualified, high-performing licensed providers can be complex. To add to the complexity, Luna County contracts with Federal, Marshall, and other New Mexico counties to…

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Eliminating the corporate bureacracy for Sandoval County.

Having contracted with many of the industry’s correctional healthcare providers prior to engaging with CorrHealth, Sandoval County was unsatisfied with the level of service and standard of care that they had been receiving from other providers. They were seeking a provider to eliminate the corporate bureaucracy…

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Doing it right in Taos County.

With recruitment and retainment as a critical concern in rural communities, Taos County had worked with several national healthcare providers prior to engaging in a contract with CorrHealth. In addition, providing quality ongoing training and support for their health care teams was a crucial missing element that needed to…

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Ensuring quality care while reducing risk & liability.

Washington County had always provided self-operated health care services prior to entering into an agreement with CorrHealth. Concerns with recruitment and retention, and a need to raise the standard of care to include coverage, and discipline in technology, documentation with essential checks and balances, led them to…

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“Smooth, Seamless, highly professional“ – Lisa Patterson

On March 1st, 2022, CorrHealth successfully transitioned our team, our programs, and services in the Wichita County Detention Center, which has a state rated capacity of 718 beds and manages an ADP of 550 inmates, and the Judge Arthur R. Tipps Juvenile Justice Center which operates a state rated capacity of 32 beds with an ADP of 10 juvenile detainees…

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CorrHealth is an agent of positive change in the correctional healthcare industry, and we are committed to elevating the industry standard for compassionate, comprehensive inmate healthcare programs and services delivered in safe and secure detention centers of various size and scope throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.