Taxpayers and the Local Community

Jails Affect Families and the Community

The health and safety of inmates in our County jails doesn’t generally garner much public attention and our jails aren’t a topic that most in the community care to think about, but the fact is our jails affect families and the community whether we are aware of it or not. Over 95% of inmates will be released from jail within a manner of hours, days, weeks or just a few months and most will bring their medical and/or mental health issues back into the local community. If we don’t take on the medical and mental health issues of our inmate-patients the results could have a significant impact on families, the public health, and local hospitals and clinics.

CorrHealth understands taxpayers and local citizens work hard for the dollars which they contribute toward their taxes, after all, we are taxpayers too. Citizens deserve to know their tax dollars are being spent responsibly and in an ethical manner. We believe it is essential for citizens to be informed and involved in how their local government officials spend their tax dollars. CorrHealth is a provider-partner which taxpayers and the local community can trust, which is why we provide transparency info our financial & operational models and an open-book philosophy into our business practices.

Our team-members and county-partners say it best, so please refer to our Testimonial and References section for insight into what a few of our team members and county-partners are saying about us and the quality of our teams, our programs and services, our level of support and a CorrHealth partnership.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.