County Commissioners and County Administration

CorrHealth Delivers Quality Healthcare Services, Full Transparency and Utmost Value which County Commissioners and County Administrators Need and Deserve

County Administrators (Commissioners, County Judges, and County Managers) take a sworn oath to be responsible stewards of County’s tax funds and maintain a professional and moral obligation to the Districts which they serve. County Commissioners, along with County Judges (in Texas) and County Managers (in New Mexico and Colorado), serve as the governing bodies for the Counties in which they have been elected or appointed.

Ultimately, County Commissioners and county Administrators are the funding agent and responsible for managing the County’s budget. With this responsibility, they are tasked with making critical decisions which impact their citizens, community, and other elected officials and inmate healthcare programs and services is a critical component of those decisions. CorrHealth appreciates their commitment to this task, after all, we are taxpayers too.

Because County officials are responsible for managing the County’s budget, often, they focus on price and choose the least expensive financial decisions. While frugality can be wise in some areas, CorrHealth has seen that thriftiness is often costly and risk laden when it comes to inmate medical, mental, and ancillary healthcare programs and services. In fact, inmate healthcare is every County’s single largest liability with Commissioners, County Administrators, Sheriffs and Detention Administrators, often named in such lawsuits. It is essential for Commissioners and County Administration to be well-informed of the true-costs, as well as the inherent risks of choosing the lowest price option contrasted with choosing a provider based on quality. While we appreciate price being a significant factor in a County’s decision, it is essential for Counties to understand the difference in price versus cost.

Upfront many providers present a much lower initial price by creatively shuffling costs through a variety of corporate healthcare shell games, which often result in a series of actions which include, but may not be limited to:

By choosing a lower price, Counties are often burdened with increased costs and liabilities, which could result in higher attorney fees, increased settlements, and public embarrassment. While we understand price is a critical factor and we are always competitively priced, CorrHealth does not model our coverage ratios, programs and services based on price alone. In fact, our pricing is typically not the lowest of our competitors; rather, we provide our partner-counties with the quality-based leadership and teams, appropriate coverage ratios, excellence in service and support and an unrivaled partnership experience which they need and deserve.

More states are proactively taking the initiative and requiring their Counties to become transparent, which we applaud. Through a CorrHealth partnership, our partner-counties are provided with a unique and unfiltered access into our complete and unfiltered pricing, our operational models, our business practices and into our partnership, therefore, Counties can be assured their tax dollars are being spent responsibly. The question is, why don’t other providers provide fully-transparent financial and operational models for their clients?

Our partners say it best, so please refer to our Testimonials and References section for insight into what County Commissioners, Judges, and Managers are saying about us; our value; our partnership.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.