County Sheriffs And Detention Administrators

CorrHealth is a Provider which Sheriffs and Detention Administrators Can Trust

Sheriffs and Detention Administrators have the responsibility to provide safe and suitable jails for their communities which they serve. With this, they must ensure adequate medical and mental health care services are provided for the complex needs of their inmates. Managing these critical and complex programs, doing so with quality, and within the County’s budget has become a rising concern and issue nationwide. In order to successfully accomplish their mission and goals, it is imperative for Sheriffs and Detention Administrators are educated and well-aware of the inherent risks and liabilities which exist within their jail(s) and the necessity in proactively taking effective and proven measures to reduce them. Inmate litigation is common and, as a result, it’s a fact that inmate healthcare programs and services is every County’s single largest liability. and Sheriffs, Detention Administrators, Commissioners, and County Administrators, among others are almost always named in lawsuits.

Sheriffs and Detention Administrators need an experienced inmate healthcare provider-partner who has genuine passion and expertise to not just do the job, but do it with integrity, transparency, and firm commitment to delivering quality service and support. Counties need and deserve a partner who has years of hands-on experience serving their state, one who understands the various nuances of operating within their state and has years of experience operating within their state’ detention standards as well as national and industry standards (NCCHC, ACA, and Federal) and community best practices. It is imperative for Sheriffs and Detention Administrators to trust who they are partnering with and it is also critical they have confidence their provider-partner genuinely understand their issues. They should know their providers are proactive and will be there with ‘boots on the ground’ when issues arise… and that they sincerely care.

CorrHealth has proven time and time that we are a provider-partner which Sheriffs and Detention Administrators can trust. We understand their issues and concerns, and we genuinely care. Unlike other providers who serve their sites from California, Tennessee, Kansas, Illinois, Florida or other distant states, CorrHealth is local and focused exclusively on County jails within Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado and that’s not going to change. Our Founders and leadership team reside locally, we are proactive, we are hands-on, and you can count on CorrHealth. We will not let you down.

CorrHealth is a provider-partner which Sheriffs and Detention Administrators can trust. Don’t just take it from us, our partners say it best, so please refer to our Testimonials and References section for insight into what a few of our Sheriffs and Detention Administrators are saying about us; our value and our partnership.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.