Team Culture

CorrHealth's Team Culture

A strong, supportive and pro-active culture is fundamental to a team and its organization’s success, and high-performing teams can only succeed within such a culture. At CorrHealth, our team-members matter, they are heard, empowered, and their voice genuinely matters. When people communicate well, feel trusted, supported they achieve great things. A strong culture is one which team-members collaborate, acknowledge, support and work closely with each another to achieve a common goal. When a culture is strong, trust is abundant, and autonomy is present. This is how CorrHealth manages our team-membsr and supports our culture.

Unlike most of our competitors who are owned by out of touch private equity ownership and support multiple levels of top-heavy management and frustrating corporate bureaucracy, CorrHealth’s Founders and presidents and leadership are heavily engaged, hands-on and lead locally. We invest and support our teams and our leaders to work autonomously. Culture is a term which many organizations use to market themselves, but for CorrHealth, our culture is embedded in our foundation, it is genuine and an active principle of our daily functions and values.

Don’t take our word for it, please review our Testimonials and References section to read what some of our team-members are saying about our company culture and why they enjoy working for CorrHealth.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.