CorrHealth Differentiators

What Differentiates Us from the Other Inmate Healthcare Providers?

We had the vision, carefully conceived, organized and founded CorrHealth to serve and partner with Counties of various size and scope throughout the Southwest and provide them with a fresh, honest and hands-on solution to comprehensive inmate medical, mental and ancillary healthcare programs and services. CorrHealth provides a turn-key and comprehensive inmate healthcare program led by passionate medical and mental health care experts who are tenured, trusted, reside and dedicated to serve County detention facilities of various size and scope.

The following are a few of CorrHealth’s differentiators, which ensures Counties with a hands-on and highly-successful partnership and demonstrate why CorrHealth is the right provider-partner for most Counties:

  • CorrHealth is privately held, which empowers Counties with enhanced controls and the ability to work directly with CorrHealth’s ownership and decision makers in lieu of working with ,
  • Fully transparent financial & operational model and an open-book philosophy into our business practices,
  • Commitment to interview and retain many, if not all, of the incumbent’s existing healthcare leadership and team-members and a firm commitment to serve our county-partners without utilizing agency personnel
  • In-state based leadership of tenured industry professionals
  • CorrHealth is comprised of tenured healthcare experts who have years of experience with state detention standards, as well as managing our programs through professional and industry-based policies and procedures based on NCCHC, ACA and community-based standards
  • Implementation of CorEMR, an independent and stand-alone Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution and the leader in correctional-based EMR industry
  • Proven, tailored and correctional based mental healthcare programs and services and developing community-based re-entry programs to help reduce recidivism
  • Proactive & assertive in mitigating our county-partner’s looming risks & liabilities
  • Commitment to maximizing on-site programs & services and decreasing needless off-site transports
  • Commitment to quality assurance and program/contract compliance by conducting routine professional audits

CorrHealth’s Founders and leadership team have been invested in serving Counties throughout the southwest for nearly two decades…and we’re just getting started. Our team has the tenure, the credibility and the passion to seamlessly transition and manage quality, professional and comprehensive inmate healthcare programs and services for Counties of various size and scope throughout the Southwest.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.