Inmate Mental/Behavioral Health

Inmate Mental/Behavioral Health Programs and Services

The mental/behavioral health population in our County jails is increasing at a staggering rate causing a national crisis with the burden of care and cost falling directly on County jails who have become the de facto mental health providers. Mental health issues are a growing concern for Counties and communities nationwide and a strong and effective mental/behavioral health program is essential for all Counties regardless of their size, scope or resources.

Mental/behavioral healthcare programs are certainly a prime focus for CorrHealth, and we take a proactive approach to the mental/behavioral healthcare needs of our inmate patients. Our mental/behavioral health programming is evidence-based and designed to address specific issues and risk factors to include, but are not limited to:

  • Proactive and comprehensive assessment and identification of those who demonstrate suicidal or mental/behavioral health issues
  • Crisis intervention and crisis management
  • Special needs management
  • Treatment plans to include in-custody programming and referral
  • Tele-psych services, which are highly effective in coordination with our on-site mental/behavioral healthcare coverage, and it is also highly effective in rural areas where recruiting mental/behavioral health providers may be a significant challenge
  • CorrHealth’s mental/behavioral healthcare programs are based upon state, national, federal and industry standards (NCCHC and ACA) policies, procedures and protocols as well as community best practices
  • Proactively collaborate and establish relationships with the local mental health authority (LMHA) and other community-based agencies in an effort to effectively manage inmates and plan for their care post release
  • Providing a supply of psychotropic medications upon release or transfer to help ensure and maintain continuity of care

CorrHealth believes in establishing and maintaining clear lines of open and effective communication. We discuss our management of our inmate-patients with Sheriff’s and/or Detention Administration, and with any designated detention personnel regarding inmate patients and their well-being.

It has been proven that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental/behavioral healthcare. Counties need and deserve much more than the standard off-the-shelf programs and services, which most providers attempt to fit for their clients. CorrHealth understands every county has specific needs, which is why a CorrHealth partnership is tailored specifically to meet and exceed the evolving requirements of your facility and your county. Our mental/behavioral healthcare program is another component to our partnership where we are passionate and committed to always “Do Right”.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.