Inmate Mental/Behavioral Health

Inmate Mental/Behavioral Health Programs and Services

The mental/behavioral health population in our County jails is increasing at a staggering rate causing a national crisis with the burden of care and cost falling directly on County jails who have become the de facto mental health providers. Mental health issues are a growing concern for Counties and communities nationwide and a strong and effective mental/behavioral health program is essential for all Counties regardless of their size, scope or resources.

Mental/behavioral healthcare programs are certainly a prime focus for CorrHealth, and we take a proactive approach to the mental/behavioral healthcare needs of our inmate patients. Our mental/behavioral health programming is evidence-based and designed to address specific issues and risk factors to include, but are not limited to:

CorrHealth believes in establishing and maintaining clear lines of open and effective communication. We discuss our management of our inmate-patients with Sheriff’s and/or Detention Administration, and with any designated detention personnel regarding inmate patients and their well-being.

It has been proven that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental/behavioral healthcare. Counties need and deserve much more than the standard off-the-shelf programs and services, which most providers attempt to fit for their clients. CorrHealth understands every county has specific needs, which is why a CorrHealth partnership is tailored specifically to meet and exceed the evolving requirements of your facility and your county. Our mental/behavioral healthcare program is another component to our partnership where we are passionate and committed to always “Do Right”.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.