Customized partnership model built on trust.

Stemming from the need for a change in how McLennan County managed its inmate healthcare programs and services, CorrHealth worked closely with the county to develop a unique and innovative co-management model, which suited their commitments to their employees, community, and taxpayers. The first-of-its-kind, this innovative, co-management model was a significant win for McLennan County’s healthcare team members who were able to remain county employees, while benefiting from CorrHealth’s expertise in training, localized leadership support, and implementation of correctional-based policies and procedures. The model has resulted in a higher standard of care, positive outcomes, maximized onsite programs and services and mitigated the county’s looming risks and liabilities.

Our goal was to find a healthcare provider that would not only provide quality healthcare to our inmate-patients by supporting and training our incredibly, dedicated medical staff but also have the flexibility to develop a contractual model unique to our county’s needs. CorrHealth has exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t ask for a better partnership. CorrHealth’s dedication to a partnership built on trust and transparency far exceeds what is typical of providers in our industry.

Ricky Armstrong, Major, McLennan County

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.