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Our People are Our Business

Anxiety levels often rise when existing healthcare professionals hear rumors or learn their agency is in discussions with a new healthcare provider which may soon be their employer. Questions and concerns are often based around that company coming in and “cleaning house”, their making changes with compensation rates, with insurance and benefits, with vacation and time-off, and with training and support among other factors which affect their employment status, their career, and their family’s livelihood.

We can’t speak for other providers, but we have been there. CorrHealth certainly understands the trepidation with change and we would like to put minds at ease with a potential transition to CorrHealth. At CorrHealth, our people are our business. Our team members are the heartbeat of our success, so we invest heavily in them and we support them with all that we do. We instill and support a strong, proactive, and supportive team culture. With this, we strive to be a destination workplace for qualified and passionate nurses and healthcare professionals. Our focus and mission are to always actively recruit, hire, and train at the highest level, and invest heavily in our leadership and teams.

Upon conducting in-depth discussions with Detention Administration, we have every intent to retain the existing Health Services Administrator (HSA), the providers, and any of the existing healthcare personnel who Detention Administration deem to be strong and effective healthcare professionals, effective leaders, team players, and are considered valuable to their team, the organization, and the mission of providing quality patient care. CorrHealth is proud of our team retention rates which are upwards of 90% when transitioning from either County-operated healthcare programs or from another provider.

A career with CorrHealth is one where the future is bright. We offer exciting opportunities for upward mobility and are a provider-partner which nurses, providers, and healthcare professionals can trust and build a safe, enjoyable, stable, and long career. Don’t just take it from us, our team-members say it best, so please refer to our Testimonials and References section for insight into what a few of our team-members are saying about us, our level of support, and the opportunities for a strong and stable career with CorrHealth.

“Many companies boast that they value their employees but with CorrHealth, you feel it every day. I have never felt more supported, important, and empowered to do the best job I can than I have while working for this company! Everyone has a voice and feels part of the overall mission and each of us feels that we have a role in providing great service and the best outcomes in the important work we do. When this company states that its employees are their greatest asset, you can believe them! It’s at the center of everything that we do and is demonstrated from the top down. I have never regretted becoming part of the team. I highly recommend CorrHealth!”

Melissa Jarrett, RN/Regional Manager Texas

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A True-Partnership Matter.