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Understanding the ongoing challenges regarding employee recruitment, retention, and delivering correctional-based healthcare programs and services which rural counties face is critical to ensuring that San Miguel County’s inmate patients receive a high standard of care. San Miguel County has earned and maintained accreditation by New Mexico County’s Adult Detention Professional Standards, which is a set of standards that CorrHealth meets in order for the county to retain its accredited status and benefit from enhanced liability coverage from the state. In addition, San Miguel County is the home for the New Mexico State Mental Hospital, which is the only one in the state which offers additional challenges to the detention center and the community due to the constant influx of new inmates that arise from patients who have been displaced in the county by their release at the hospital. Over their partnership, CorrHealth has worked to ensure that the detention center is positioned as a destination workplace for healthcare professionals, and they have done so by offering them robust compensation packages, an industry-leading benefits program, and hands-on training and support. These elements are standard to the company as they continue to raise the standard of care provided to the county’s inmate population in each of the counties and facilities they serve.

Interview with Matthew Elwell, Director of the San Miguel County Detention Center

CorrHealth’s vision goes hand-in-hand with ours because we are both focused on recruiting, ensuring higher retention rates, and creating a positive work environment for our employees. CorrHealth is not only a trustworthy provider, but we know our 150-bed facility is just as important to them as one of their 3,000-bed facilities elsewhere. Their level of attention and support is rare in our industry and we very much appreciate them for that.

Matthew Elwell, Director of the San Miguel County Detention Center

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.