Testimonials and References

What Our Partners Are Saying

Whether they’re our county-partners consisting of Sheriffs, Detention Administration, County Administration, our team-members or our community partners; our testimonials speak for themselves and represent our commitment to patient care, our values, our integrity, our investment in our teams and why we are the right choice for their County, career and their community.

We’ll periodically add additional testimonials as we receive them, so please check back often to see why our partners chose and recommend CorrHealth.

Adam Hilliard, Captain of the Adult Detention Center

Midland County, Texas

“Transitions are always nerve-racking events, but CorrHealth immediately set our anxiety at ease by communicating completely and providing us with a thorough transition plan detailing every step of the process, to include what we could expect with their communication, coordination and work with our previous provider. CorrHealth’s ownership and leadership showed up at our facility several days prior to the transition to begin a 3-day series of orientation and training sessions, they were on-site hours before midnight, they stayed long into the next day and several members of their training and leadership team were here around the clock for weeks after the transition to ensure their new team was trained well, confident and ready to operate on their own.

Successful partnerships begin with a complete and successful transition, and without a doubt, CorrHealth is doing it right and they’ve proactively taken the right measures to ensure our partnership is a success. We’re highly impressed with them and its clear we made the right decision by choosing CorrHealth.

With less than a week as our new inmate health care provider and during a routine med pass, one of CorrHealth’s nurses noticed one of our Officers looking sweaty and pale and immediately directed her attention to assessing him and his health. Apparently, his appendix had just burst and he was immediately rushed to the hospital where he had emergency surgery.

As a direct result of CorrHealth’s Nurses attention to detail and their skill set, Officer Carbajal was able to go home to his family that night, he’s healthy and has returned to work. I think Officer Carbajal and his family would agree that we made the right decision by partnering with CorrHealth.” 

Zena Stephens, Sheriff

Jefferson County, Texas

“In a recent surprise jail inspection from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, our inspector stated,” While most of the jails around the state are providing adequate levels of care, CorrHealth is doing is right. Their program is spectacular and one the rest of the state should be following.”

Jon Nichols, Lieutenant of the Adult Detention Center

Midland County, Texas

“Unnecessary medical related transports are labor and time intensive, they’re costly and they increase our risks and liabilities, and decreasing these transports was a prime focal point for us when selecting our inmate healthcare partner. CorrHealth’s leadership presented creative solutions to safely and responsibly reduce these transports, an EKG was one of the methods they proposed, which they implemented the evening of their transition. Within 12-hours of transitioning, they engaged the EKG with three patients, and successfully prevented three transports which certainly would’ve gone out with our previous provider.

CorrHealth listened to us, they understood the issues which keep us up at night and they get it where our previous providers did not. CorrHealth is doing a remarkable job and I can’t be happier they’re our partner.

“I’m naturally skeptical and don’t trust many people, and when we first began meeting with CorrHealth I had my doubts. I’m proud to say that I was wrong and say that CorrHealth has done everything they said they would and they’ve far exceeded mine and my team’s expectations. One particular area that I’m blown away by is their dedication to training. In all my years, I’ve never seen an organization, no matter the industry, dedicate themselves to training like what I’ve seen with CorrHealth.”

Chris Brice, County Manager and Director of the Adult Detention Center

Luna County, Texas

“Your team rose to the challenge of taking over from a previous organization who had failed to meet the majority of our contract requirements. Your ability to recruit and retain medical professionals versus simply putting bodies in positions in this rural part of New Mexico was impressive. The stability your team has delivered to this vital part of our organization is exactly what we needed to ensure our detainees receive the care they need and deserve.

Stepping in with very little notice, the transition was nearly seamless. From top to bottom your organization is professional and a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend your services to any facility who is looking for the highest quality, professional and proactive medical      services.”

Derek Meador, (RETIRED) Chief Deputy

Wichita County, Texas

“My experience with Todd Murphy and Victor Hutchinson has been excellent over the years. They possess an understanding of the medical needs of our jail and our inmates, as well as county administration that is far beyond that of any other medical provider I’ve interacted with. Going from county managed to contracted inmate medical with them was one of the best moves the county made in my opinion. When these two individuals, Todd and Victor, left one of our providers (their former company), there was an immediate, and noticeable decline in inmate care and corporate responsiveness to our county’s needs. With a master’s degree in public administration, I frequently found myself frustrated with a lack of understanding on how county government works, both by vendors and county officials. I can’t stress enough how well they understand the dynamics in county government and how to navigate them to get the job done.

I highly recommend them (CorrHealth) again, and indeed I have done just that. At my retirement I had twenty-one plus years in county government, fifteen of them in management or administration over the jail. One of my last recommendations was that the county move to CorrHealth.”

Terry Box, (RETIRED) Sheriff,

Collin County, Texas

“In my 32 years as Sheriff I have worked with many contactors and I can proudly say without hesitation that Todd, Victor and their team were the best, and they set the bar for any other companies we contracted with, regardless of industry. They were heavily engaged throughout our bid process and stayed actively engaged throughout our partnership. Their tireless dedication and deep understanding of their business was impressive and inspiring to me, and those they worked with. Under Todd and Victor, we had the best HSA and health care teams we’ve ever had, they supported them well, moral was always high, and their turnover was minimal. They implemented innovative programs and were actively engaged with local community groups to help curve the recidivism cycle. I could not be more pleased with their level of personal attention, service and support they’ve always provided to me and my administration, our agency and with our community. When issues occurred, they were always there, and often within hours, to quickly resolve the issues at hand. 

I am excited at the approach which they’re delivering with CorrHealth. Its innovative, it’s something this industry has been needing for a long time and I believe it’s one that can change the way this industry looks at all of its business partners.  

I offer my highest recommendation and I am happy to stand for CorrHealth for any agency seeking an inmate healthcare provider who genuinely cares, who understands local governance and truly gets it.”

John Shauberger, Chief Deputy

Jefferson County, Texas

“CorrHealth has been an excellent partner and they do a tremendous job supporting their employees, as well as ours. 

They’ve been extremely transparent with our true costs, and I appreciate the lengths they go to in an effort to reduce our costs, while maintaining a high level of care and service. For me, their level of transparency and detail with finance and operations gives us a level of trust, which we haven’t experienced with any other provider. With CorrHealth, we have a true partnership. 

We’re always looking to improve and grow, and we have a high level of expectations, and CorrHealth has answered the call at every turn. With CorrHealth, we found a partner who shares our values, needs and our goals.” 

I appreciate their level of service. It’s always very easy to contact them and get our issues resolved quickly.

“We knew CorrHealth was built to do things a little differently, they did a great job of expressing that to our Sheriff, who had a vision to improve drastically without worrying about status quo. To improve, sometimes you have to take a degree of risk and push the limits and our Sheriff was willing to do that, and CorrHealth answered the call. It’s a great partnership.

CorrHealth always keep their word.”

Sarah Keeler, County Finance Director

McKinley County, New Mexico

“We’re in a much better place since we partnered with CorrHealth.”

Gilbert Armendariz, Director

Sandoval County, New Mexico

I love the fact that I can call the company’s ownership directly at any time, as opposed to dealing with some representative who’s trying to serve many sites across all 50 states, isn’t personally invested in us and doesn’t have the authority to make decisions. I know I can get a hold of them at any time I need them, I trust them. They routinely go above and beyond for us and understand what we need here, when our previous providers didn’t. With our previous companies, it was clear we were just a number, neither we, nor their employees received much attention and we suffered from it.

CorrHealth does everything they say they’ll do and I trust them. They’re subject matter experts. They’re innovators and I love what they’re doing for us.

First, our disciplinaries and assaults have decreased since CorrHealth has been here, and we believe we can attribute CorrHealth and their programming with that result. CorrHealth has implemented and manages several groups and the feedback we’ve received from inmates has been encouraging. Inmate feedback has included letters thanking us for the programs we’re offering, and many cite learning about boundaries, understanding their triggers and learning coping skills which they now recognize as causes for their negative behaviors and ultimately their incarceration. Another favorite group topic seems to be job skills interviewing process and resume writing. The feedback we’re receiving is uplifting as the feedback suggests our inmates seem to have new hope, which is something they’ve never experienced.

We appreciate the fact that CorrHealth is local to New Mexico, they understand us, and they’re focused on our needs. They are trusted and well respected throughout New Mexico and in the industry just as they are here in Sandoval County.

Without reservation, I’m proud to recommend CorrHealth to any County looking for a great inmate health partner.”

Joe Chavez, (RETIRED) Warden

Valencia County, New Mexico

“CorrHealth presented us with a transparent model with pricing and operational details which no other provider has ever disclosed to us. Their transparency gave us peace of mind and it proved they have our best interests at heart. CorrHealth’s transparency model shows they have nothing to hide, which is what I want in a partner.

I love CorrHealth being privately-owned which gives us the ability to work directly with ownership without having to chase down numerous people in other states and wait weeks or months for simple decisions to be made from corporate.

I appreciate the fact that CorrHealth is focused on New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado which gives me comfort in their being familiar and understanding our local (state) rules and regulations, and it also gives me comfort knowing they can be on-site within a few hours

CorrHealth made the commitment to start their business in New Mexico and they’re already proving to be serious about investing, supporting and growing in New Mexico through Mary, Dr. Boynton, both of whom reside in New Mexico and both are passionate, proactive and hands-on leaders. They reside within an hour or two from my facility which gives me tremendous comfort and peace of mind. New Mexico needs and deserves a proven provider who is focused and dedicated to taking care of us.

Mental health is a growing issue in New Mexico and while I’ve seen other companies dabble in mental health, CorrHealth has shown us they’re committed and serious about developing, managing and supporting a strong mental health program. This gives me assurance that I’m being well taken care of and my mental health program is one of the best in the state.”


Matt Elwell, Warden

San Miguel County, New Mexico

“Dilemma-When your correctional healthcare provider files bankruptcy who are you going to call? “Just a Couple of Guys in a Garage” that’s who!

CorrHealth stepped up to the challenge and within a week we had negotiated terms and on the following Monday they began serving the detainees incarcerated in the San Miguel County Detention Center. CorrHealth’s ownership and core management team-members came on-site to lead the conversion and services continued without interruption. Todd, Victor, along with their staff have embraced the challenge and are committed to providing quality health and mental healthcare services in our detention center, they also teamed up with us in our efforts to fight the Opioid epidemic through our in-custody Medication Assisted Treatment Program.

We would like to thank CorrHealth and their management team for their professional and quick response. We look forward to a good partnership in the safety and care of those incarcerated in our facility.”

Ricky Armstrong, Captain

McLennan County, Texas

“After years of contracting with local Medical Doctors who managed our inmate healthcare services, although skilled Doctors, we realized they lacked the experience in correctional healthcare. When it was time to contract with a new medical provider, we decided to look real-hard at the correctional healthcare providers in our industry.

In 2012, our Sheriff ran on a platform of not privatization the employees of the jail which include the inmate healthcare programs and services. This meant that any healthcare provider would have to provide healthcare services and co-manage our county employees who would serve as their nurses, which we knew was something other providers weren’t willing to do. After a couple of simple conversations with CorrHealth’s Founders we quickly realized they got it, they understood our situation, they understood our needs and we quickly had the confidence they could handle it.

We needed an experienced provider who knew their business, was willing to create a unique program utilizing our county employees and manage our programs and services through a co management model. CorrHealth answered the call, they submitted a remarkable response and did so with impressive service and support commitments coupled with fair, straightforward and transparent pricing.

The first thing we noticed in CorrHealth’s response was their willingness to work together. We respected their approach and I can see this being a game changer with other counties and the companies they contract with. With CorrHealth, we appreciate the ability to work directly with their ownership, which was a real benefit and comfort. It ensured we knew who we were dealing with at all times, it gave us the peace of mind they’re local, they understood us and would be here, with boots on the ground when we need them, which they certainly have been. Knowing our provider’s ownership ensures a trust-based relationship, it ensures our goals are aligned and it ensures decisions are made locally and immediately. We needed a provider who had the ability and willingness to be creative and think outside the box and adjust on the fly, if necessary and so far CorrHealth has done just that.

Their ownership and leadership team were heavily engaged from the very start, and they remain so now. They are very responsive and effective in meeting our medical and mental healthcare needs.

Todd, Victor, and CorrHealth’s leadership are some of the most experienced, trusted and respected professionals I have come to know in my 28 years, I am proud to contract with them, they have exceeded our expectations, and I look forward to our continued success and partnership as we grow together.” 

Mark Chamberlain, Retired Chief Deputy of Corrections

Garland County, Arkansas

“There were several factors which influenced our RFP Committee and I choosing CorrHealth. With their smooth transition and their attention to detail, our choice of Contractors seems to be spot on. There were several factors in our choosing CorrHealth, some of which were:

CorrHealth is comprised of industry professionals who we know well, people we trust, and they know what we need and what’s important to us. Their ownership and leaders have served us very well in the past and they clearly know their business. We know they’ll be here for us when an issue arises. Passion, integrity and ethics matter and Todd, Victor, Mary have exemplified these traits over the years, I’ve known them, and we trust they’ll take great care of us for many years to come.

My experience with Todd and Victor (CorrHealth’s Founders and Presidents) has shown them to work in some of the most challenging conditions that I have encountered in my thirty-plus years in the field of local corrections. I’ve always been impressed with their enthusiasm and professionalism never wavering or faltering and their ability to meet each challenge with a positive, “can do” attitude and more importantly, they produced results.

From hiring a new medical staff and working out of a space intended for one person, to educating and orientating an entire inmate population who had never previously experienced nurses’ rounds or clinics, Todd and Victor made the transition not only successful, but enjoyable. When the time came to expand the medical operation when our new facility was opened, again, Todd and Victor were on site, hands on and fully available to me and my staff as well as their own.

I don’t have enough time or paper to extol the virtues of what Todd, Victor and their new medical staff meant to the new facility during the transitional (linear to direct supervision) operation of the new facility, but I can state without hesitation that it would not have been the success that it has been without Mr. Murphy’s and Mr. Hutchinson’s personal commitment, leadership and management skills.

I will forever appreciate Todd and Victor’s assistance during our time together in Garland County and I highly recommend them for consideration in meeting your correctional health care needs.” 

Clay Corn, Director of Adult and Juvenile Detention Services

Chaves County, New Mexico

“I am very impressed with CorrHealth. I trust them and appreciate our partnership thus far. I like the ability to call their leadership and ownership at any time for swift resolutions. Its peace of mind and a comfort level that we lacked with our previous providers.”

He went on to say,

“When CorrHealth says they’re heavily engaged, they mean it. During our transition, their ownership, leadership, and transition team were on-site days in advance for employee orientation and training, and they remained on site until they were confident their staff were well versed in CorrHealth policies and protocols before leaving. Truth be known, they were on-site more during the initial week of transition than our previous provider was over the last four years they held our contract. Very engaging and impressive… all positive at this point.”

Bill Jennings, Major and Correctional Jail Manager (CJM)

Comal County, Texas

“CorrHealth is passionate about finding the right people for us, about providing genuine support, continuous professional development, and corrections’ specific training opportunities for their healthcare team, as well as ours. It’s for this reason, I’m confident, that we have the best mental and medical healthcare team we could ever ask for here in Comal County.”

Jonathan Perez, Deputy Director of Compliance and PREA Standards

Sandoval County, New Mexico

“CorrHealth is a great company and I’m really glad they’re here. With CorrHealth, I no longer worry about our medical and mental health programs, as I did with our former providers.”

What Our Team-Members Are Saying

Our team-member and partner testimonials are important to us and we are proud to share them. We will periodically add additional testimonials as we receive them, so please check back often to see why our team-members and our county-partners have chosen and recommended CorrHealth to their peers.

Alicia Passaretti, RN/CCHP Operations and Training Specialist

Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming

“I was encouraged to contact Todd and Victor by a mutual acquaintance (from a competing inmate healthcare provider) who felt that my philosophy of care for incarcerated individuals would mesh well with CorrHealth’s. After being a part of this organization for the past several months, I couldn’t be happier about my decision to join this company. Working for CorrHealth has, thus far, proven to be more than I had hoped. I have been a Corrections Nurse for over a decade, having worked with several other correctional medical companies, and I can honestly say that CorrHealth is like no other company for whom I’ve worked. It is refreshing to work with an organization for whom the bottom line is patient care and “doing right”, regardless of what that costs. Not only does this company truly care for the patient population that we serve, but the leadership fully supports and cares for the employees as well.

In my position, I have the opportunity to work with every site in which CorrHealth provides services and, therefore, have had to opportunity to interact with employees of all levels. To this day, I have yet to come across someone who has had anything negative to say about this company. The leadership team that Todd and Victor have created are like a family. They are warm, welcoming, supportive, and truly concerned about the welfare and happiness of each person who is a part of the organization. The past two months have clearly shown me that the attitude from the leadership team is a direct result of the way Todd and Victor treat everyone in the company… from someone in an executive leadership position all the way to PRN site employees. Never in my career have I received a birthday card and a happy birthday phone call from the CEO of my company, but after only being employed for 3 weeks, that’s exactly what happened.

The respect that individual team members have for Todd, Victor, and Mary is evidenced by some of the comments people have made to me during my visits to various sites… comments like “I love and respect them”, “there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them”, and “they mean so much to me that I’d take a bullet for them and everyone else on the entire leadership team”.

Because I truly believe in CorrHealth’s mission, I feel blessed to be a part of this team and I am excited to see the great things in store for this company under the leadership of Todd, Victor, and Mary.”

Oakley Blasdel, RN and Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional (CCHP)

Sandoval County, New Mexico

“I have worked for CorrHealth for over a year and a half, and am so inspired by the work we do, and the people we work with. The work is not easy, and days can be stressful, but I have always felt supported by management and my co-workers. CorrHealth really believes in taking care of their employees – if one is struggling, there are folks to help, if one is excelling, there is celebration from your team and management. That makes a huge difference in job satisfaction. So often, I am struck with a huge sense of gratitude to be able to work for and with people who are so willing to go out of their way for each other. That means the world to me!

“Words that describe CorrHealth are patient focused, caring and conscientious. Words that describe our people are patient focused and dedicated. We are also fun, and we do what we can to make what we do enjoyable.” 

Brandee Winckel, RN

Regional Manager, New Mexico

“I love that our leadership truly listens. With us, nurses have a voice and their opinions truly matter to our ownership and leaders. Again, this is something I’ve never experienced with any other company I’ve worked for and believe me; it matters.

I’ve been an RN for well over 12 years, and in all my experience, I’ve never known the ownership for the organizations which I’ve worked. Our ownership is hands-on and always available. For example, during one of our transitions (from a previous provider), I personally witnessed one of them cleaning a bathroom, and he got down on his hands and knees to scrub a toilet.

Their level of humility and the personal touch is remarkable, and one I’ve never seen before in any organization and I love them for that.

I’m an RN and have been working as a correctional Nurse for over 10 years. In that time, I’ve been a staff RN, held a Director of Nurses (DON) position with a large county who held a population exceeding 3,000 inmates on a daily basis, I’ve worked for 4 private inmate healthcare companies, I’ve transitioned teams, programs and services in several county jails, and now I’m an Operations Training Specialist (with CorrHealth) and an auditor for my state’s detention standards where I travel the state and audit healthcare programs state wide. In my career, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and have experienced a lot (understatement).

CorrHealth is an organization like no other I’ve ever experienced or heard of. The founders and ownership (Todd and Victor) are highly engaged, hands-on and they truly care about their patients, employees, county clients and the communities which they work. Feedback is important to the founders and management team, which is exemplified with the probing questions they ask, their listening and wanting to know what’s important to their employees. They’re constantly working to improve systems and processes to improve efficiencies and decrease risks and liabilities. They provide a unique level of support which I’ve never seen with any other company, or agency in this industry. Todd, Victor, Mary and the leadership team are compassionate and kind individuals who treat each, and every member of their team with sincerity, respect and kindness.

It’s refreshing to finally work for a leadership team and company who gets it. It’s amazing to finally be happy, respected and supported by the company which I work for. I am extremely lucky to work for such an amazing company and couldn’t imagine working for anyone else. I highly recommend CorrHealth to any Nurse, healthcare professional and/or County agency. Choosing CorrHealth will be one of the best decisions you’ll make, and you’ll be glad you chose CorrHealth. just as I am.

They ensure we have the tools that we need, they get us what we need quickly, and they provide us with what we need without having to fight through corporate bureaucracy and weeks of time waiting for a simple answer.

When we’ve had team members, or their families who contracted COVID, Todd and Victor are the first to call them to check on them, see how they’re doing and ask what they could do for them. That, along with their sending hand-written birthday cards to each, and every team member, hand-written Nurse Appreciation Week cards to each, and every team member and hand-written Christmas cards to each, and every team member proves they truly care and we’re genuinely important to them. What other ownership group does that?”  

Katie Hunter, LPN/CCHP, Operations and Training Specialist

Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming

“I have been a corrections nurse for the past 10 years with multiple companies being transitioned in different facilities. I have seen some really great companies, but I have also seen some very poor companies. I was fortunate enough to be able to get in with this company upon start-up & I can honestly say I have never seen a greater more caring group of owner/operators than this group. Todd, Victor & Mary are hands down the most devoted people to their industry. They are absolutely dedicated to providing the best employment experience for their employees, the great working relationships between their counties & CorrHealth staff & the best inmate care available.

CorrHealth is a great employer who really cares about their employees. A company that goes above & beyond to remind their employees that they are truly a vital key in the success of the everyday operations of this business. There has never been a time that I wasn’t able to call my supervisor & discuss something with them to where I felt that a situation would be handled appropriately & efficiently. CorrHealth will always back their employees when they are in the right. Just like their motto says, they are always ready to: “DO RIGHT”!”

Cheryl Baca, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Valencia County Detention Center, New Mexico

“This is an awesome company to be working for that actually cares, and appreciates its employees. Again, thank you all!!!!”

Anonymous Message left on Glassdoor by LVN

Jefferson County, Texas

“When I joined CorrHealth I wanted a leadership that genuinely listens, I wanted to work for a company that values me and what I do and I wanted a company that protects me and my license. I wanted a company that does what they say they’ll do and I found my company with CorrHealth. I love this company!”  

Celestee Cathey, Mental Health Professional (MHP)

Sandoval and Valencia Counties, New Mexico

“I consider myself lucky to work for CorrHealth as a Mental Health Professional. I have every confidence that the “decision makers” have an acute understanding and support for providing mental health services, even in a situation where resources can be scarce. I enjoy working with a team of people, including CorrHealth’s ownership and upper management, who have an open-door policy and are truly committed to teamwork and considering the ideas of others.”

Melissa Jarrett, Registered Nurse (RN) and Regional Manager


“Many companies boast that they value their employees but with CorrHealth, you feel it every day. I have never felt more supported, important, and empowered to do the best job I can than I have while working for this company! Everyone has a voice and feels part of the overall mission and each of us feels that we have a role in providing great service and the best outcomes in the important work we do. When this company states that its employees are their greatest asset, you can believe them! It’s at the center of everything that we do and is demonstrated from the top down. I have never regretted becoming part of the team. I highly recommend CorrHealth!”

Barry Stanford, Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional (CCHP)

New Mexico

“I feel very fortunate to work for CorrHealth. As a provider for a couple different sites in New Mexico, it is important to me that I am supported and have a solid team surrounding me, which CorrHealth and its incredible leadership have provided for me since day one. CorrHealth truly cares for its employees and believes in providing quality care to the patients and the facilities it serves.” 

Catherine Purser, (FORMER) LCSW, Mental Health Director and Certified Correctional Healthcare Pro. (CCHP)

Jefferson County, Texas

“Exceptional company with strong values of honesty and integrity. They are committed to their employees, facilities and communities. I, along with the team have been touched by the appreciation shown by CorrHealth. I personally would like to thank you for providing support and the genuine concern for all of your staff and their satisfaction. It is refreshing to work for a company that truly cares for its employees.” 

Nelda Delgado, RN/HSA

Comal County, Texas

“With our previous provider, we felt like we were left out on an island and asked to fend for ourselves and we were expected to do so with very little training or support. They managed prisons and didn’t really understand the county jail environment.

It’s clear CorrHealth knows our business and they genuinely care about us. Our ownership and leaders listen to us, they do what they say they’ll do, and they support us like no other organization I’ve ever known. As an example, after our transition, they had trainers here for 3-weeks, which was tremendous, and I love that our trainers come back on a regular basis to visit with us and train us. Again, support like this was something I had never experienced before.

Everything they do is for the betterment of me, and my team, our county and the community. They make my job so much easier.

I’ve never worked for a company where I knew the ownership and they knew me, and they were as involved as CorrHealth’s are. Being engaged and as supportive as they are, with no corporate red tape slowing me down is something I never experienced with our previous provider.” 

Mandy Wooley, Administrative Assistant

Jefferson County Correctional Facility, Texas

“I really appreciate your bringing Kim in to meet the team here in Jefferson County today. It was nice being able to have the opportunity to put a face with the name of the person that will be handling all the HR business for the company. That is definitely one thing I really love about working for CorrHealth as a company is the personable aspect that the both of you bring to us. It’s nice knowing the owners on a first name basis and having the staff actually form relationships with the both of you. It’s nice having people and the resources you need at your fingertips instead of having to make calls to someone you’ll never meet on the other end of a phone. You are definitely doing a great job at creating a family atmosphere with all the CorrHealth teams and we appreciate all you have done and continue to do for us!”

Kameko Brister, Discharge Planner

Jefferson County Correctional Facility, Texas

“Every day during the course of my workday; I get stopped by at least one person that I have previously met with for discharge planning. Most of the time it’s so he or she can thank me for actually following through on what we had discussed. It’s during these times that I truly know that working for CorrHealth is the RIGHT decision for me. I get to “pay it forward” everyday.”

Patricia Smith, LCSW

Director of Community Resources

“I have known Victor and Todd for several years, they are two of the most ethical, driven and honest people I know. In an environment today where slogans and catch phrases are thrown around like pennies in fountains, these guys actually live their message. 

I’ve been a social worker for over 30-years and I’ve worked in New Mexico for over 12-years. This company, by far, has offered the greatest working environment. They really do care about their employees. Equally as important, they genuinely care about the population they work for and provide services to in their daily work. I have never seen three people, Victor, Todd and Mary who are more devoted to their work for all the right reasons. They are always open to listening to new ideas and encourage employees to learn professionally. They provide a tremendous amount of support to their employees and look at each employee’s strength and look to nourish their strength. When it comes to serving their designated populations and working with each county; their dedication to identifying and then meeting each county’s need is unmatched by any other company, large or small. They believe in hands-on care and face-to-face services with each site they serve. It is a pleasure and an honor to work for this company.”  

Mary Zold, LCSW, Director of Operations

New Mexico

“With over 12 years in the industry, CorrHealth is the third provider whom I’ve worked for, yet CorrHealth is the only organization where I knew I, along with our team are valued, and our voices are legitimately heard. We are a family, we’re very close, we protect each-other and we take great pride in what we do. Todd and Victor are extraordinarily caring, they are also incredibly involved and they’re more involved than any other leadership group I’ve worked for.” 

Mae Torres, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

San Miguel County, New Mexico

“Working for CorrHealth has been an amazing adjustment for my career. I feel supported by my employers and I am pleased with everything this company has to offer. Joining the CorrHealth team has been a positive move for myself and my team members, we are happy and looking forward to enjoying many years with CorrHealth.”

What Our Inmate Patients Are Saying

Our inmate patient testimonials are important to us and we are proud to share them. 

A Letter Received January 2019 by Luis R

a Former Inmate in Sandoval County, New Mexico

“I want to start off by saying in my experience in the criminal system I have never ran into a more magnificent, diverse set of people that work for a place where customer service is not held to the standard of any reputable hospital. What I favorite the most is you ladies are not required to be as respectful, or kind as you all display consistently every day. But you do and that is rare in places such as this. And I wanted to make sure that actions like yours don’t go un-noticed. The willingness and pride you all take in your job and passion is the best experience I’ve had. There needs to be classes taught to demonstrate the professionalism and consistency to go above and beyond the basic expectations that you ladies show consistently on a daily basis. People tend to focus on the negatives, and with attitudes like yours the positive energy is more effective than being passive and for all of that I thank all of you. I will be gone soon, and I wish you all well. Thank you so much for taking the time to care for me and the professionalism regardless of our situation.

Efforts and positivity never go unnoticed.

I would like you to know Ms. Oakley the Nurse is a blessing. She takes the time to listen and gets things done. I appreciate her and so does a lot of my pod members.”

A Letter Received by Michael R, on 2020,

a Former Inmate in Comal County, Texas

“Nurse Name does her job very well, and by the book. She displays professionalism every day and treats everybody with respect, all while wearing a smile, even on her 5th shift of a 60-hour work week.

I am thankful to have nurses working in the jail like Nurse Name. When I need medical care, I know and trust that Nurse Name will do a great job.”

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