CorrHealth Provides True-Transparency

CorrHealth was conceived and founded to be a very different kind of provider and to make a genuine difference for our team members, our inmate-patients, our partner counties, the communities which we serve and in the inmate healthcare industry. We knew we could be agents of change; we knew we could transform the inmate healthcare industry and transparency is merely one way we’re achieving this.

Through true and unfiltered transparency into our financials, our operations, business practices and in all aspects of our partnership, we provide counties with a fresh, honest, and hands-on solution to their inmate healthcare programs and services. CorrHealth wholeheartedly agrees in the principle of transparency, and we are committed to it because it ensures cost-accountability, a trust-based partnership and we do so because its ethical, it’s responsible and simply and a component of how we
“Do Right”.

The question is, why don’t other healthcare providers offer full and unfiltered transparency into their financial and operational models?

“CorrHealth presented us with a transparent model with pricing and operational details which no other provider has ever disclosed to us. This transparency gave us peace of mind and it proved they have our best interests at heart. CorrHealth’s transparency model shows they have nothing to hide, which is what I want in a partner.”

Warden Joe Chavez | Valencia County, New Mexico

Truth lies in transparency and CorrHealth believes transparency is the cornerstone to an open, ethical, and responsible partnership. Transparency is our guiding principle and it is evident with it being embedded in our core foundation. We provide our teams, prospects, and county-partners with true and complete transparency into our financials, operations, business practices, and all aspects of our partnership.

Transparency means providing complete and unfiltered insight into our financials, to include our profit margin. We do this because it’s ethical, it’s responsible and simply another component of our firm commitment to “Do Right” by our teams, county-partners, and in the communities we proudly serve. Our willingness to provide transparency proves we are a trusted provider-partner and we have the integrity to “Do Right”. Through a CorrHealth partnership, Counties can be assured their tax dollars are being spent responsibly.

True and complete transparency is merely one of the many reasons to trust and choose to join, or partner with CorrHealth. Ask your provider why they don’t provide true-transparency into their financials, operational models, and insight into their business practices?

We Provide True-Transparency and Complete Accountability in Everything We Do, Because it’s Ethical, its Responsible and a Component of “Doing Right!”

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A True-Partnership Matter.