CorrHealth Recognized as Innovator

When you work for CorrHealth, you understand what it means to work for a company that truly empowers employees to “Do Right”. Employee empowerment instills...

CorrHealth Recognized as Innovator

March 18, 2021 by CorrHealth0

When you work for CorrHealth, you understand what it means to work for a company that truly empowers employees to “Do Right”. Employee empowerment instills a greater trust in leadership, encourages employee motivation, leads to greater creativity, and improves employee retention, which ultimately strengthens the company and elevates the quality of care provided to our patients.

On March 3-4th, PowerDMS held the 3rd annual “ENTRUST 2021” virtual user conference. The conference virtually brought together over 800 industry thought leaders and law enforcement professionals to explore best practices in policy and training management to reduce risk and liability which will ultimately save lives. During this conference, CorrHealth was recognized and awarded the “Innovation Award” for demonstrating unique, creative ways that PowerDMS has been utilized to help increase efficiency and safety in our practices.

Modern society demands instant and accurate information. At CorrHealth, ensuring that policies, procedures, and compliance documents remain up-to-date and are an accessible resource for our teams is a priority, so that inmate’s medical and behavioral health needs are managed safely. As CorrHealth’s Director of Risk Management, I felt encouraged and inspired to pursue a document management solution to improve the way we organizationally manage these important documents. Interestingly, PowerDMS is typically used by county partners and law enforcement to manage policies for a single governmental entity. At CorrHealth, we have many unique entities because we have many sites across different states. Further, we have policies that need to be standardized and yet also need to be able to blend in necessary unique elements that are site-specific. CorrHealth pushed PowerDMS to efficiently manage these documents to meet CorrHealth’s unique needs. CorrHealth asked PowerDMS to not only “Do Right” but also to “Do More.” Due to our partnership with PowerDMS, policy information, including fresh policy changes, are now available to employees on their smartphones when off-site and computers on-site. This is a futuristic improvement when it is time to update an old-school policy binder.

I am proud to work for a company that values the concept of both innovation and employee empowerment to find creative solutions to modern problems. I am excited and passionate to work for CorrHealth as we look for new ways to mitigate the medical and behavioral health risks of the inmate population for our county partners and the communities we so proudly serve.

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.