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It’s not our work life; it’s our life’s work. This is the mindset of our people; it’s our passion. Our people are high performing communicators, compassionate caregivers, and are dedicated, adaptive collaborators. We are deeply engaged and passionate about our work, which is built around close-knit relationships; understanding, listening, and asking questions is key. These effectively represent our essence as people and as a company.

Todd Murphy

Co-Founder / President

Victor Hutchinson

Co-Founder / President of Operations

Mary Zold, LCSW, CCHP

Director of Operations

Dr. Nicholas Longnecker, MD, CCHP

Chief Medical Officer

Robert S. Davis

General Counsel

Brandee Winckel, RN

Regional Manager

Rob Ramonas, MSN, RN, CCHP

Compliance Coordinator

Kim Caldwell

Director of Human Resources

Sarah Zerfas

Recruiting Specialist

Robin Byrne

Director of Marketing and Proposals

Krista Rogers

Director of Finance

Christi Franklin, LVN, CCHP

Travel Training Team Manager

Katie Hunter

Associate Regional Manager

Tim Hammond, CCHP

Director of Risk Management

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CorrHealth is an agent of positive change in the correctional healthcare industry, and we are committed to elevating the industry standard for compassionate, comprehensive inmate healthcare programs and services delivered in safe and secure detention centers of various size and scope throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.