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CorrHealth is delighted to announce the official renewal of its contract with Luna County Detention Center in Deming, New Mexico.

CorrHealth understands the complexity of this specific population. Luna County contracts with Federal, Marshall, and other New Mexico counties to house their inmates, which results in rapid fluctuations and unpredictability with the county’s population, placing a strain on the healthcare provider and the county’s detention team.

Following the RFP process and negotiations, CorrHealth was chosen to continue providing comprehensive healthcare services for the county’s inmate-patients. The renewal will ensure the high standard of healthcare services is maintained for the county’s vulnerable population inside the facility.

“The RFP evaluation committee conducted a thorough examination of each vendor’s proposal. After careful consideration of the evaluation committee’s recommendations, the committee decided to enter into contract negotiations with CorrHealth based on a combination of the quality of care and overall cost,” said Lee Cook-Jordan, Luna County Detention Center Director.

Luna County still expects the same standard of care and service that the larger counties receive, and we weren’t going to stop until we found it. CorrHealth has not only exceeded our expectations for care and service, but they have also found creative solutions to our recruitment and retention concerns regarding healthcare staffing.

Chris Brice, County Manager and Director of the Adult Detention Center, Luna County

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.