About CorrHealth

CorrHealth's Differentiators... Why Partner With CorrHealth?

We had the vision and carefully conceived, organized, and founded CorrHealth to serve and partner with Counties of various size and scope throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and the southwest to provide a fresh, honest, and hands-on solution to their healthcare programs and services. Our partnership is based on quality with everything we do and our comprehensive inmate healthcare programs are led by local, tenured and trusted medical and mental healthcare experts who are dedicated to serve County detention facilities of various size and scope.

With CortrHealth, our teams and partner-counties are assured a hands-on and highly-successful partnership, further demonstrating why CorrHealth is the right provider-partner for their County. The following are just a few factors which set CorrHealth apart from other providers.

CorrHealth is Privately Held.

CorrHealth is proud to be one of the only privately held providers in the industry, which empowers Counties with enhanced controls and the ability to work directly with CorrHealth’s ownership and decision makers, in lieu of large, out-of-touch corporate providers who attempt to manage their teams and sites from California, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, or other distant states. Our ownership brings a highly engaged, a hands-on approach and stability to our teams and to Counties which we proudly serve. While other companies, and their private-equity ownership engage in a series of mergers and acquisitions in an effort to become a larger and more dominant. Our ownership is private, we are stable and secure, and that will not be changing. Our stability assures our teams and our partner-counties they are safe with CorrHealth and they don’t have to worry about waiting through slow corporate bureaucratic processes, drastic changes, and/or private equity demands for higher profit.

CorrHealth Provides Full-Transparency.

CorrHealth is the only provider in the industry who provides our prospects and partner-counties with true and unfiltered transparency into our financial and operational models, our business practices and in all aspects of our partnership. We do so because it’s ethical, its responsible, it facilitates a trust based partnership and it’s another manner in which we are committed to “Do Right” with all that we do. 

The question is, why don’t other providers offer full and unfiltered transparency into their financial and operational models, their business practices and in all aspects of their partnership?

Local Leadership and Representation.

Unlike most providers who actively pursue prisons, the largest County jails and hospitals across the nation and internationally, CorrHealth is focused on exclusively partnering with Counties of various size and scope throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and neighboring states throughout the southwest. By being territory specific, our teams and partner-counties are assured 24/7 service and support and a hands-on approach by leaders who reside in their state, know them and understand their specific and evolving needs. Our decisions are made immediately and implemented locally without going through multiple tiers of representatives and drawn out timelines for corporate to make the simplest of decisions.

Experienced Regional Leadership and Local Back-up for our HSA Leaders.

CorrHealth understands everyone needs a break from time to time, and this includes our Health Services Administrators (HSA). We appreciate the fact that Counties contract for HSAs to be onsite on a full-time and weekly basis. With other companies, when HSAs have to take time off, or are asked by their employers to work in other facilities, the Counties are the ones who suffer. Most providers use these breaks in coverage to add to their profit margin by not filling these critical leadership positions. CorrHealth proactively recruited high-functioning, experienced RNs who have extensive experience as successful HSA leaders and now serve CorrHealth as Regional Managers and Operations Training Specialists in the states they reside and have experience. This is yet another example of where CorrHealth gets it, and where we understand, and appreciate County’s pain-points, the needs of the Counties we serve and how we are strategic and proactive in everything we do.

Commitment to Utilizing Limited, If Any Temporary/Agency Personnel

CorrHealth is committed to interview and retain many, if not all, of the incumbent’s existing healthcare leadership and team-members, and we are committed to managing our teams and programs with limited, if any use of agency personnel.

State and Industry/National and Federal Standard Expertise.

CorrHealth is comprised of tenured healthcare experts who have many years of experience functioning within state detention standards, as well as managing our programs based on professional and industry-based policies and procedures based on state standards as well as NCCHC, ACA, and community-based standards.

Effective Programs Tailored to Reduce Recidivism.

CorrHealth designs, implements and supports correctional based healthcare programs and services in the Counties we partner, and we also work to establish a trust partnerships with community providers to help reduce recidivism.

Industry Leading and Independent EMR Solution.

CorrHealth understands the importance of implementing and supporting proven electronic based systems which ensures efficiencies, tracking, data security and systems which help protect our team-members and counties from potential risk and liability. CorrHealth is proud to implement and support CorEMR in each and every site we proudly serve. With CorEMR being an independent and stand-alone Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution, and an industry leader in correctional-based EMR services, our partner-counties can rest assured their records are secure and trust it as well.

Proactive Mitigation of Risks and Liabilities.

Its a fact that inmate healthcare program and services are every counties single largest risk and liability. CorrHealth is cognoscente, proactive and assertive in mitigating looming risks and liabilities. We are obsessed with mitigating risks and liabilities, protecting our team-members and the counties which we serve, therefore we carefully recruit for the right team-members, we train them well, we support them well and we ensure they base our standards of care based on our policies, procedures an protocols. Our policies, procedures and protocols are based on state, National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCHC), American Correctional Association (ACA), and community best practices.

Commitment to Maximizing On-site Services Resulting In Limited Off-Site Transports.

CorrHealth’s programs and services are designed to maximize on-site programs and services, reduce inmate movement and decrease costly, risk-laden offsite medical related transports. Over the years, CorrHealth’s leadership has established strong and trusted partnerships with various ancillary (dental, laboratory, x-ray, medical waste, dialysis, OB/GYN and pharmaceutical) medical and mental health providers who will subcontract with CorrHealth to provide quality and professional on-site healthcare programs and services to our inmate population. We also maximize services by proactively retaining, recruiting, hiring/contracting, training and supporting locally based medical and mental healthcare providers who understand the goal and are committed to treating our inmate-patients on-site and “Doing Right” by them, our partner-counties and our communities.

Proven CQI Processes.

Commitment to contract compliance through proven Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) processes to include thorough auditing processes and continuous review of all aspects of our coverage ratios and our programs and services.

CorrHealth Is The Provider Of Choice When Integrity, Transparency And A
True-Partnership Matter.