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Our Team Members

A strong, supportive and pro-active culture is fundamental to a team and its organization’s success, and high-performing teams can only succeed within such a culture. At CorrHealth, our team-members matter, they are heard, they are empowered, and their voice genuinely matters. When people communicate well, they feel trusted and supported and they achieve great things. A strong culture is one which team-members collaborate, acknowledge, support and work closely with each another to achieve a common goal. When a culture is strong, trust is abundant, and autonomy is present. This is CorrHealth’s culture, it’s another component of how we “Do Right” and we’re proud of what we do and how we do it.

Our Transitions

We enjoy a successful transition of our team, programs, services and our partnership with Counties across Texas, New Mexico and more. As with each of our partner-counties in Texas and throughout the Southwest, our mission is to increase the standard of care for our inmate patients, provide a safe and supportive work environment for our team and always “Do Right!” by our team-members, our patients, our partner-counties and the communities which we proudly serve.

Our Community and Support

At CorrHealth, our partners, neighbors and communities are important to us and we wholeheartedly believe it is our responsibility to support and make a strong and positive impact on the communities which we proudly serve. In our time serving in the communities which we partner, we are proud to have given back in a variety of ways.

"Just a couple of guys in a garage"

Not long after founding and launching CorrHealth, a C-Suite “leader” from the company which we previously started, led, had substantial success with and resigned from, was asked by one of our former Nurse Leaders (HSA) her thoughts on our leaving the company and founding our own. The C-Suite leader smirked, chuckled and quickly responded with “We’re not worried about them at all, they’re nothing more just a couple of guys in a garage.” Our Nurse friend immediately called to share the opinion, and immediately recalling a few other companies which were conceived and have been somewhat successful from their “garages” (i.e. Apple, Disney, Harley Davidson, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Mattel, etc.) we decided to run with it, have a few t-shirts made and have some fun with it. We are CorrHealth and we are incredibly proud to be “Just a Couple of Guys In a Garage.”