Eliminating the corporate bureacracy.

Having contracted with many of the industry’s correctional healthcare providers prior to engaging with CorrHealth, Sandoval County was unsatisfied with the level of service and standard of care that they had been receiving from other providers. They were seeking a provider to eliminate the corporate bureaucracy that causes decision-making delays and standard of care levels to decrease. Upon being awarded the contract, CorrHealth established quality mental and medical health care programs and services on-site, discharge planning services to include community partnerships, and focused on the recruitment of qualified medical and mental healthcare professionals, using no agency nursing services within their first contractual year and minimally in the years that followed.

CorrHealth routinely goes above and beyond for us and understands what we need here. With our previous companies, it was clear we were just a number, neither we, nor their employees received much attention and we suffered from it. CorrHealth does everything they say they’ll do, and I trust them. They provide behavioral health services as part of their program and we’ve been impressed with their team of behavioral health professionals who have stepped in and made a real difference with our inmates and our facility.

Gilbert Armendariz, Director, Sandoval County

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2021. All rights reserved.