Ancillary Services

We forge strong, trusted, and successful partnerships built on streamlined efficiency, financial prudence, and impeccable service and work together to ensure that inmate-patients benefit from a wide array of ancillary services and specialty care programs. Our ancillary partners understand our unique patient population and they have the experience to serve them with dignity and respect, while delivering the professional care, service and support which they need and deserve.

Full Pharmaceutical services to include general pharmaceutical, psychotropic and over the counter (OTC) medications

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) services through CorEMR. CorEMR is an independent, stand alone and cloud based EMR solution. They are the industry’s leader in EMR solutions. Unlike other providers, CorrHealth doesn’t hold our partners hostage by proposing proprietary solutions that can be utilized only by that provider.

On-site dental services

On-site laboratory services

On-site x-ray/radiology services

On-site medical waste services

On-site oxygen services

On-site OBGYN services

On-site dialysis services

On-site dialysis services

On-site drug testing to County employees

“I love that our leadership truly listens to us and we genuinely matter to them. Our nurses have a voice, and their opinions truly matter to our ownership and leaders. This is something I’ve never experienced working with any other company, and believe me; it matters.”

Brandee Winckel, RN
CorrHealth Regional Manager


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Mental/Behavioral Health

Strong, evidence-based mental/behavioral healthcare programs and services are an essential component to ensure a healthy and safe community. Our diverse behavioral healthcare team has extensive expertise in the treatment of mental illness, as well as substance and opioid abuse disorders.

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Comprehensive Medical Care

We are always evolving; constantly evaluating best practices and procedures, seeking continuous improvement in the standard of care of our comprehensive medical services. Our compassionate teams are committed to ensuring each patient is treated with dignity and provided a standard of care which they need and deserve.

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Community-Based Care

Developing strong and trusted partnerships with various community-based providers is essential to providing a continuum of care for our patients while empowering them to return to a healthier lifestyle and enabling them to return to their families and communities.

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CorrHealth is an agent of positive change in the correctional healthcare industry, and we are committed to elevating the industry standard for compassionate, comprehensive inmate healthcare programs and services delivered in safe and secure detention centers of various size and scope throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.