Nurses – Always Prepared for Anything

May 10, 2023 by CorrHealth

When emergencies happen in correctional settings, our teams are well-prepared to respond quickly. Recently, although ambulances had been called, our teams were able to respond within minutes. Susie Barksdale, RN and Director of Nursing at one of our facilities remarked, “All of us here, including security, are equally proud of the nursing staff who responded to the officer involved incident, Nurses Bragg, Minter and Newby all acted immediately and conducted themselves as the true professionals they are.”  Our nurses are always ‘on duty’ whether they are with an inmate patient or just going about their daily routine.

“During a routine med pass, the Captain at one of our Texas facilities noted, “less than a week as our new inmate health care provider, one of CorrHealth’s team, Nurse Patrick, noticed an Officer looking sweaty and pale. She instantly began to assess his health. Apparently, his appendix had just burst. He was immediately rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. As a direct result of Nurse Patricks’ attention to detail and her skill set, the Officer was able to go home to his family that night. He’s healthy now and has returned to work.”

Nurses tell us, ‘It’s very rewarding work’ and although these moments don’t happen every day, we certainly appreciate you every day. A big shout out to all our nursing team members for everything they do!  If you’re looking for a more rewarding career, check out our newest opportunities here. 


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Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.