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January 18, 2023 CorrHealthAnnouncements

When CorrHealth partnered with Comal County in 2019, Nelda joined our team as the Health Services Administrator (HSA). With more than 25 years of correctional healthcare experience, Nelda has served the people of Comal County since 1994. As a new nurse looking to begin her career, Nelda was encouraged by family members in law enforcement to apply at the Comal County Jail. “Maybe I’ll see what this is all about. In 1994, I stepped foot into the facility’s clinic, and I haven’t left” says Nelda. The most rewarding part for Nelda is helping others. Whether it is a one-time treatment or providing ongoing treatment to a patient, the impact being made is crucial. “It’s kind of like they trust you and they open up to you more.” Nelda describes every day as different and the myths about having a limited skill set couldn’t be further from the truth. “Correctional nurses see just about everything; in my opinion I think your skill set gets better in corrections.”

Nelda’s advice for nurses just joining the correctional healthcare field is to remember that all inmate patients are human beings, and everyone should be treated just as they would be in a clinic on the outside.  “The only difference is that they are in a secured environment. These people deserve the same care and respect.”

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January 13, 2023 CorrHealthAnnouncements

We’re proud to announce that Kim Caldwell, Director of Human Resources, has earned her SHRM-CP credential, which makes her a recognized expert and leader in the HR field.

The exam is given by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). The organization has 300,000 members worldwide and supports HR professionals through education, training, networking, and lobbying on behalf of policies that are fundamental to HR and labor management. It’s a tough test; only 67% of test takers pass!

We’re also proud to recognize that three more leadership team members have successfully completed their Certified Correctional Health Professional (CCHP) certification.  Dr. Nicholas Longnecker, M.D., our Chief Medical Officer, Christi Franklin, LVN and Travel Training Team Manager, and Tim Hammond, Director of Risk Management are leading the way with this important credential signifying their mastery of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) standards.

CorrHealth is a champion of continuing education for our team members. Our goal is to gain even more certified CCHP members on our team. Tuition reimbursement is available to full-time team members who complete professional development classes and earn important credentials. This helps our team members in their current roles serve our partners better and can help them move into other positions within the company.

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Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.

Copyright by CorrHealth 2023. All rights reserved.